Interactive Clinics

Informative and interactive clinics and sessions for horse owners and horse lovers.  Equine clinics held in a beautiful setting while taking in informative conversations with fellow horsemen.

Equine Dentist - April 16 and 18, 2023

Equine Lameness
Trail Trails Training/Judging
Gymkhana basics/Patterns
Training Foals/Ground Work
In Hand Training/Games
Trick Training
Tack/Trail Tack and Gear/Leather Care
Fly Control/ Natural Options
Yoga Exercise/ Rider Strengthening Back Pain
Saddle Fitting and Saddle Swap
Thrush/Hoof Care/Hoof Basics/Trim vs Shoes/Boots
Vaccinations Clinic
Chiropractor Clinic/Stretching/Massage
Training Tips
All about bits