Haflinger Foals to 4 years old

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Born & bred at California Haflingers.  Hand raised and hugged daily! 

Vicki, named after the V on her forehead 🙂 is a Haflinger filly born 6/26/2022 on our ranch. This is a filly out of our mare COPPER and by our stallion Sky’s the Limit WSF.

Copper is our do absolutely everything SILVER classified mare. Vicki has been imprinted, leads, ties, halters, loads and stands for feet to be handled.


Some Kinda Wonderful  "Tanner"

Haflinger colt born on our ranch on 3/12/2023

Liberty Wonder x Sky’s the Limit WSF

A curious, friendly little guy, He is going to be a big, tall, gentle and easy to train horse and estimated to finish at 15 hands.  Tanner is super friendly and loves people.

Photos/Google/Some Kinda Wonderful

While Isolated  "Whiley"

Registered Haflinger gelding

3 years old,  14.3 hands

Whiley will be the one to take you miles on the trail or down the road in your cart.  He is a trained driving horse and won't be hard to train to ride.  He's got all the groundwork and manners and is ready to go.  He's confident, the herd leader in the field.  Very respectful with people, friendly, easy to be around and handle.  He loves attention, always hoping for pets and scratches.

Google Photos: Whiley

Ace of TMHF "Ace"

Registered Haflinger gelding

2 years old 14.2 hands

Great ground manners.  Cart training started.  Ace has a wonderful combination of stout and refined, with a beautiful face and neck.  He's a forward mover, will be a great horse to take in any direction and riding style.

Delta Dawn "Delta"

Registered Haflinger mare

4 years old  15 hands

Gorgeous, tall and a beautiful mover!  This is the daughter of our mare Dawn.  She has a long fluid stride and canters freely.  Extremely athletic, around the arena she changes directions and leads automatically and effortlessly.

Cart trained, Delta has wonderful ground manners, and voice commands, she's heading to riding training this month.

Google Photos: Delta Dawn