Sales Policy

1.  We strongly encourage Vet checks and will gladly supply you with a list of the vets in our area that are good at pre-purchase exams.  If a horse is not suited to your riding goals California Haflinger refunds all deposit moneys but those noted as non-refundable on the purchase agreement.  We will apply deposited money to any other horse you may be interested in.  The vet exam must be done while the horse is still on the ranch.

2.  Any person that purchases a mare from us can purchase one breeding for half price within the next two breeding seasons.

3.  If you purchase one of our horses and for any reason you need to re-sell it we will assist by listing the horse on the web site for free and assist you in any way getting the horse ready for sale or shown (some fees may be involved for riding, boarding or sale prep).

4. We will hold any horse you see and like on the web site but can't get here to see right away.   The fee is $200 non-refundable and we will hold it for 2 weeks.  We will only do this if the horse is not being actively viewed by another client.  The time frame for the hold begins when we receive the fee and ends in 14 days.  The fee can be transferred to any horse you purchase from us.

5.  If you purchase a horse from us and find it not to be as described you may return the horse and choose a more suitable one from our ranch.  The full value you paid for the horse purchased can be applied to any other horse you find more suitable.   If you choose one that has a lower value there are no refunds.   We do not purchase horses back.  The horse must be returned in the same condition as it left.

6.  We offer taking a horse for a trial period.  After all, with our exchange policy you do in effect have a lifetime "trial" period.  The cost for a formal trial is $100 per WEEK on top of the horse's sales price.  We normally allow any time from one week to four weeks trial.  If you transport the horse to your home/stable you must do one of the following:  Pay the full purchase price plus the amount of time up front you want to keep the horse for a trial.  All money not used during the trial is refundable.  OR you can take out an insurance policy on the horse for the time it will be on trial.  A trial contract will be in place before the horses leaves our ranch.  Transportation FROM our ranch is the responsibility of the person doing the lease.  If the horse is returned transportation TO our ranch is also the leasee's responsibility.

7.  Here is the sales agreement we offer when you choose to purchase a horse.

8.  Payment plans are very easy to arrange.

Please accept that the registration papers on the horse will NOT be released until all payments are completed. The horse's ownership will revert to us if a payment is missed with no contact from the buyer. All payments made up to that point are NON-refundable. Communication is highly encouraged if a payment will be late so other arrangements can be made.

Here are the most common examples of payment schedules we provide.

20% down payment before horse is picked up followed by 4 more payments of 20% each month.

20% down payment before horse is picked up followed by monthly payments for 6 months.

20% down payment, followed by payments for 10 months.  This is the longest time frame we consider.

9.   We will arrange delivery through reputable nationwide  haulers to get your horse to you safely.

10. All horses purchased on a payment plan MUST have an insurance package placed on them. The insurance must cover health and mortality with us named as "also insured". No exceptions. This generally costs $400 for a 12 month period and gives peace of mind to the new owner and ourselves that the horse's vet care, injuries, colic and worst case death will be covered. Tonya Osenton at Frederick B. Roberson Insurance can be reached at 1-800-801-0942 to provide insurance on your new horse.

Any other solid insurance firm is also welcome.