Horse Connections and Photo Shoots

Horse Connection

Pet, brush and hug.  Spend time with a horse, building confidence, finding a connection.  We'll match the horse to your confidence and age.  Come play with our Haflinger horses, youngsters and the miniatures.

A great way for kids to spend time with horses, that maybe aren't ready to ride.  Or just want to pet and brush a horse or mini.

Adults welcome, we think a day at the ranch hanging out with horses is even more relaxing then a day at the spa!

Cowgirl/boy Photo Shoot

Bring your own photographer, your camera or we'll take the photos for you.  Create a lasting memory to celebrate special occasions.  Birthdays, graduations and engagements.

Options include photos with a horse, riding or standing near.  We can also hook up a horse or miniature to a cart or wagon.