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14.2 hands
Age 7
Haflinger/Arab Mare

In training. Well started but still green. Excellent trail/endurance prospect. Great balance and footing. She has a lovely stride, great canter. she has solid bare feet, great legs and is comfy to ride.  Haflinger Arab crosses make for a great horse.   The best of both worlds!

This can be a two'fer.. Rita just had a filly, by our Haflinger stallion, Sky.

  YouTube: Rita




Registered Mini Gypsy Blend Ponies

Mocha and Thunder YouTube Videos


Mocha - SOLD

3 year old black gelding. Gypsy x Shetland registered as part Gypsy. Sire is a registered buckskin Gypsy. Dam is a black roan Shetland. Mocha has been doing light training for cart. He will ground drive, tie, lead, load, lunge and carry a saddle. He knows what the bit means and has a GREAT whoa. Very trusting, very kind and also loves to learn. This is a show cart pony in the making. He will be a solid family horse and will really shine if you want to show. No vices, GREAT manners.  11.2 hands.


Thunder - SOLD

3 year old gelding, born April 2020. Gypsy and Shetland/hackney registered as Mini Gypsy blend. Sire is a registered buckskin Mini Gypsy. Dam is the Shetland/hackney. Thunder is a stunning silvershine buckskin pony that will make your heart melt. He has been family raised and handled with care and love his whole life. He is quiet enough to make anyone happy and will learn to do anything asked of him. No vices, good manners!  12.2 hands, will finish around 13 - 13.1